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Fund Profiles

Name AUM ($Billion)
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (SWF) UAE MENA 739.63
Agaciro Development Fund (SDF) Rwanda Sub-Saharan Africa 0.05
Alabama Trust Fund (SWF) USA North America 2.8
Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (state-owned investor) USA North America 64.9
Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund (SWF) Canada North America 17.4
Alberta Investment Management Corp. (New) Canada North America 95.7
AP Funds (New) Sweden Europe 145.3
APG Groep (pension fund) Netherlands Europe 547
ATP Groep (New) Denmark Europe 115.8
Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company (SWF) Bahrain MENA 15.4
Brunei Investment Agency (SWF) Brunei Asia-Pacific 39
Bureau of Labor Funds (New) Taiwan Asia-Pacific 90.8
Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (pension fund) Canada North America 232
Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (state-owned investor) France Europe 174
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (pension fund) Canada North America 292
CDP Equity (formerly Fondo Strategico Italiano) Italy Europe 3.7
China Investment Corporation (SWF) China Asia-Pacific 940
Emirates Investment Authority UAE MENA 45
Employees Provident Fund (pension fund) Malaysia Asia-Pacific 195
Fondo de Ahorro de Panamá Panama Latin America 1.4
Fondo Mexicano del Petróleo para la Estabilización y el Desarrollo Mexico Latin America 0.01
Fonds de compensation (New) Luxembourg Europe 18.1
Fonds de Reserve pour les Retraites (New) France Europe 45.1
Fonds Gabonais d’Investissements Stratégiques and Fonds Souverain de la Republique Gabonaise (New) Gabon Sub-Saharan Africa 1
Fonds Souverain d’Investissements Stratégiques (New) Senegal Sub-Saharan Africa 1
Fund for Future Generations (New) Equatorial Guinea Sub-Saharan Africa 0.08
Fundo Soberano de Angola Angola Sub-Saharan Africa 5.0
Future Fund (SWF) Australia Oceania 103.5
Future Generations Reserve Fund (New) Bahrain MENA 0.5
Ghana Petroleum Funds Ghana Sub-Saharan Africa 0.5
GIC Private Ltd. Singapore Asia-Pacific 510
Government Pension Fund (pension fund) Thailand Asia-Pacific 21
Government Pension Fund Global (SWF) Norway Europe 993.1
Government Pension Investment Fund (pension fund) Japan Asia-Pacific 1407
Heritage and Stabilization Fund Trinidad and Tobago Latin America 5.6
Hong Kong Future Fund (state investor) China Asia-Pacific 28.7
Hong Kong Monetary Authority Exchange Fund – Investment Portfolio and Long-Term Growth Portfolio China Asia-Pacific 85.7
Investment Corp. of Dubai (state-owned investor) UAE MENA 233.9
Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (SDF) Ireland Europe 10.4
Khazanah Nasional Bhd. Malaysia Asia-Pacific 33.1
Korea Investment Corporation (SWF) South Korea Asia-Pacific 142
Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (New) Malaysia Asia-Pacific 34.2
Kuwait Investment Authority (SWF) Kuwait MENA 527.1
Libyan Investment Authority (SWF) Libya MENA 67
Mongolia Fiscal Stability Fund (New) Mongolia Central Asia 0.3
Mubadala Investment Co. (SWF) UAE MENA 227
National Council for Social Security Fund (New) China Asia-Pacific 247.41
National Development Fund of Iran (New) Iran MENA 68
National Fund for Hydrocarbon Reserves and Deposit and Development Fund (New) Mauritania MENA 0.15
National Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan (SWF) Kazakhstan Central Asia 56.8
National Pension Service (pension fund) South Korea Asia-Pacific 568.9
National Wealth Fund and Reserve Fund Russia Central Asia 110.39
New Mexico State Investment Council (New) USA North America 22.4
New Zealand Superannuation Fund (SWF) New Zealand Oceania 25.6
Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority Nigeria Sub-Saharan Africa 1.4
North Dakota Legacy Fund (New) USA North America 4.2
Oman Investment Fund Oman MENA 8.2
Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (pension fund) Canada North America 72.8
Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (pension fund) Canada North America 142
Palestine Investment Fund (New) Palestinian Authority MENA 1.01
Papua New Guinea Sovereign Wealth Fund (New) Papua New Guinea Oceania Unknown
Pension Reserve Fund and Economic and Social Stabilization Fund Chile Latin America 23.2
Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund (New) USA North America 7.7
Petroleum Fund of Timor-Leste Timor-Leste Asia-Pacific 15.8
PGGM (New) Netherlands Europe 236
Public Investment Corp. (PIC) (state-owned investor) South Africa Sub-Saharan Africa 134.7
Public Investment Fund (SWF) Saudi Arabia MENA 260
Public Sector Pension Investment Board (pension fund) Canada North America 125.6
Public Service Pension Fund (New) Taiwan Asia-Pacific 18.8
Pula Fund Botswana Sub-Saharan Africa 4.4
Qatar Investment Authority (SWF) Qatar MENA 303.7
QIC (New) Australia Oceania 56.8
Russian Direct Investment Fund (SWF) Russia Europe 10
Samruk-Kazyna (New) Kazakhstan Central Asia 78.8
Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency – Investment Portfolio (central bank fund) Saudi Arabia MENA 236.5
State Administration of Foreign Exchange China Asia-Pacific 690
State Capital Investment Corp. (New) Vietnam Asia-Pacific 1.4
State General Reserve Fund of the Sultanate of Oman Oman MENA 25
State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SWF) Azerbaijan Central Asia 37.6
Temasek Holdings (state-owned investor) Singapore Asia-Pacific 230
Turkiye Wealth Fund (New) Turkey Central Asia 40
VER (New) Finland Europe 19.5
Victoria Funds Management Corp. (New) Australia Oceania 39
Western Australian Future Fund (SWF) Australia Oceania 0.9

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